FORTIUM A/S was founded in 1983 and has over the past 30 years specialized in the import and bottling of fine wines from around the world.

Our purchasing expertise is great both within and bulk wines for bottling of our many exclusive brands including Kloppendale, Poetas, Black River, Silverdale Hill, Zuma Zuma, Zin of Zins, Faustino Adan, Monte Chilena and many others.

But definitely also in the large amount of original bottled wines from Italy, Spain and France – and of course the overseas Chile, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and USA.

FORTIUM WINE serves the Danish and northern German market from our headquarters and warehouse in Soeborg, and our export of mainly own brands and bottling is handled primarily by our office in Germany.

Our own brands are exported to Russia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Poland.

Our suppliers around the world have been chosen through decades of knowledge and cooperation, thus firmly incorporated with quality products, service, reliability and utter professionalism – ready to live up to the high expectations regarding service and quality of today’s consumers.

We offer our customers wines of exclusivity and can also aid with design and development of own brands through close collaboration with our industrial designers.